“We have focused on teaching as a skill and
forgotten what Socrates knew: teaching is a gift, learning is a skill.”


– Peter Drucker





Residents are responsible for tuition to the University of Washington. Current quarterly tuition rates can be found here: http://opb.washington.edu/content/tuition-fees

The current quarterly tuition rate for the STR program (as of 8/1/17) is $5,824 per quarter. For the 5 quarter program, the total approximate cost comes to $29,120 (exact tuition for Summer 2019 has not yet been reported).

As enrolled graduate students at the University of Washington, residents are eligible to apply for student loans and loan deferment through the University. Many residents choose to apply for student loans to supplement their monthly stipend and cover additional living costs.

All residents admitted into the STR program are eligible for in-state tuition costs.


What do residents receive?

Residents participate in a 14 month teacher training program that includes:
– Coursework facilitated by the University of Washington and STR staff
– During the academic school year, an internship with an experienced mentor teacher in a high-need SPS classroom
– Master in Teaching degree from the University of Washington
– Initial K-8 Elementary teaching certification from the state of Washington
– Second endorsement in SPED or ELL
– Expected stipend during residency year of $15,000
– Tuition reimbursement opportunities (i.e. Federal Loan Forgiveness, TEACH Grant)
– Priority hiring from Seattle Public Schools
– Support beyond the residency year through the district’s induction program and the STR program
– Access to the STR alumni network



Teaching in Seattle Public Schools

STR is designed to provide high-caliber preparation for successful teaching in high-need classrooms at Seattle Public schools (SPS) and program graduates are eligible to apply for available positions in the district; however, hiring decisions are within the discretion of SPS and employment is not guaranteed. Residents must successfully complete the STR program to be considered for employment at SPS.


Support beyond the Residency Year

STR provides induction support during the post-residency year to program graduates who are hired as teachers by SPS. A strong alumni presence and network also provides support to STR grads in Seattle’s highest need schools.


Cohort One graduates


The Seattle Teacher Residency Program is committed to preparing teachers to be outstanding educators in the Seattle Public Schools. We want to create a team of exceptional teachers who will help us close the achievement gap in underserved schools.