The application deadline for the 2018-19 academic year is January 19, 2018.

Please fill out the STR inquiry form to be added to the application update list and indicate Special Education as your area of interest.

All applications for the Seattle Teacher Residency are coordinated through the University of Washington’s College of Education. Applicants must apply through the UW (see link below).

Checklist for Seattle Teacher Residency Application


checkbox Online Application to University of Washington Graduate School
Begin your UW Graduate school application here.  Select Graduate Program option: Education – Seattle (MIT – Teacher Education – Elementary Seattle Teacher Residency). There is a nonrefundable $85 application fee to apply to graduate school at UW.
 checkbox Resume
Detailing work, educational and volunteer experience (please include any experience working with children with special needs)
 checkbox Statement of Purpose
3 Sections, word max varies. STR-Resident-Application-Statement-of-Purpose
 checkbox 3 STR Reference Assessment Forms
References must complete a STR reference survey instead of a Letter of Reference. Download the form to share with references here: STR Reference Survey.  References will email completed forms to or submit to: Office of Student Services, College of Education, 206 Miller Hall, Box 353600, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3600
 checkbox Character and Fitness Supplement
State required background check form. Please print the form here, scan it, and then upload it back into the online application once available. Note that you can’t save the PDF, you MUST PRINT the form after filling it out, scan it, and upload it.
 checkbox Unofficial transcripts from all schools attended
Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded in the online application.  Official transcripts will be required if you are accepted into the program.
 checkbox WEST-B scores
State required basic skills assessment for all teacher candidates.  WEST-B subtests Reading, Writing, and Math, must be passed by the application deadline in January. Visit the WEST-B website for registration information and upcoming test dates.Applicants may submit passing scores on the ACT or the SAT in lieu of the WEST-B. Click here for minimum ACT/SAT “cut” scores. All Official scores must be sent to UW in addition to uploading a copy to the application.ACT: Contact Student Services Score Report (319-337-1270) to order your score report in addition to requesting your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle. The cost is $12 for your score report plus $21 archive fee. Be sure to specify that your scores are sent to the UW. ACT scores prior to 1995 cannot be used to meet the basic skills requirement.SAT: Call 866-756-7346 and ask that your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle, school code #4854. The cost is $12 for your score report plus $31 archive fee.
 checkbox Bachelor’s degree completed
Your bachelor’s degree must be confirmed before starting the STR program.
checkbox NES Subject Test
State required content knowledge test.  Visit the NES Testing website for registration information, test dates, and sample questions.  Elementary candidates must pass the Elementary Education subtests 102 and 103. NES is not required at the time of application but must be passed by March of the residency year.  Please note that NES has replaced the WEST-E as the state’s required content assessment exam.

Your statement will be read by the Admissions Committee that includes representatives from the Seattle community, Seattle Public Schools, and the University of Washington. Nondiscrimination Policy: STR does not discriminate with regard to race, color, origin, gender, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.