FAQ: Application Questions

How do I apply?

See the “How to Apply” page for more details on application requirements.  When you’re ready, all applications are submitted through the University of Washington Graduate Study Application Portal, linked here: https://grad.uw.edu/admissions/apply-now/


What does the application process/timeline look like?
The STR program has one application cycle per year.  Applications are due in January for a June start to the program.  After your application is submitted, your file is reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Applicants will be notified by early March as to whether or not they have been invited to attend Selection Day. Selection Day is an all day event in which applicants will interview with STR faculty and staff, teach a mini-lesson, and engage in a variety of educational activities designed to see if the residency program is the right fit.  Selection Day is a mandatory part of the application process. Out-of-state candidates are strongly encouraged to attend if invited to Selection Day, but if this is not possible, there will be a remote interview option.


STR Selection Day for the upcoming application cycle is scheduled for March 15-16, 2018.  Applicants can choose which day works best with their schedule.


What are the minimum eligibility requirements for application?
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree by the time the program starts
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA*
  • Meet UW admission requirements including endorsement standards and state required competencies
  • Successfully complete the WEST-B test before the application deadline
  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States


*Applicants with a sub-3.0 GPA may still apply to the program and their application would be considered, but the program must submit an admission petition to the Dean of the Graduate School and this petition would have to be approved before an offer can be made.


What is the admissions committee looking for?
Our ideal candidate brings the following attributes to the program:
  1. A commitment to teach in Seattle Public Schools for a minimum of 5 years in schools serving low income communities/diverse student populations that are struggling to succeed in school (post-residency year)
  2. A passion for serving urban students from diverse backgrounds and a strong commitment to social justice and equity
  3. A deep belief that all students can learn and a sense of responsibility for student learning
  4. Openness & willingness to engage in the toughest questions re: equity, race, gender, socio-economics, as well as privilege & entitlement
  5. Strong leadership ability
  6. A commitment to ongoing learning, collaboration and communication
  7. Superior organizational skills in time management, planning, scheduling, coordinating resources, meeting deadlines
  8. Resilience and perseverance, especially when faced with challenges
  9. Have volunteered in, have prior work experience in, and/or make commitments to: a) organizations that serve the academic, emotional, physical, social need of urban students; b) in urban schools
  10. Sustained engagement with children, families, and communities in urban settings
  11. Successful work with diverse student populations (linguistic, cultural, social, economic) in both public school as well as youth and family support programs, early childhood settings, and/or social agencies
  12. Family, community and/or work experiences reflective of intentional commitments to access and equity


How competitive is the application process?
Typically, the admissions process is very competitive.  We encourage all applicants to have a “backup plan” as the program regularly receives significantly more applications than available spots in the program.


Can I apply if I already have a teaching license?
Yes!  Applicants with a teaching license from another state are encouraged to apply.


Are there benefits to applying early?
No.  The Admissions Committee does not begin reviewing applications until after the deadline.


Who should I ask to be my references?
First and foremost, your references should be individuals who know you well and are able to speak to your potential in this program.  References from individuals who have seen you interact with children and youth, especially managers/supervisors, are strongly encouraged.  Academic references are especially important if you have a sub-3.0 GPA.


Can I apply if I applied in the past?
Yes.  The STR program annually receives applications from prior applicants and has in the past admitted individuals into the program who were unsuccessful in their initial attempt.