FAQ: Financial Questions

How much does the program cost?

The current tuition rates for University of Washington Master in Teaching programs is listed on this website:  http://opb.washington.edu/content/tuition-fees


The current quarterly tuition rate for the STR program (as of 8/1/17) is $5,824 per quarter. For the 5 quarter program, the total approximate cost comes to $29,120 (exact tuition for Summer 2019 has not yet been reported).
How much is the stipend?
Most residents are expected to receive a $15,000 stipend, with payments spread out during the program.  This works out to just under $1,100 per month.
Classified SPS staff (paraprofessionals) participating in the program do not receive a living stipend.
How do residents make the program work financially?
As enrolled graduate students at the University of Washington, residents are eligible to apply for student loans and loan deferment through the University. Many residents choose to supplement their monthly stipend and cover the costs to and other living costs by applying for student loans.
There are multiple loan forgiveness programs available for teachers.
Where can I find more information about teacher loan forgiveness?
Visit the federal Department of Education website to learn more about loan forgiveness programs available for teachers.  Link: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/teacher

What scholarships and grants are available?

There are multiple databases listing scholarship and grant opportunities for teachers:

TEACH Grants – SPED pathway residents are eligible for this grant

WashBoard – Washington state specific scholarship database
AFT Funding Database – scholarship from the American Federation of Teachers
Does STR provide housing for residents?
No.  Residents are responsible for finding their own housing.  STR is committed to providing resources and connections for residents – please contact the recruiter if you have any questions or concerns about housing.

What about other resources (health insurance, child care, transportation)?

Residents are responsible for health insurance.  Depending on your own financial situation, many residents are eligible for free health insurance through Washington state’s AppleHealth program.


All residents are full-time students at UW and receive a U-Pass as part of their fees.  More information on the U-Pass can be found here: https://facilities.uw.edu/transportation/u-pass/


Interested applicants with children are encouraged to apply.  Every year, there are always several parents who are part of the cohort.  The recruiter can connect you with graduate parents from the program if you have more questions about how these grads were able to balance their family responsibilities with the rigor and demands of the program.


The STR program is committed to providing and connecting applicants with resources as needed.  We don’t want these to be barriers to success in the program.  Please contact the recruiter for additional information.

How much does a first year teacher make in Seattle Public Schools?

First year teachers with master’s degrees earn approximately $56,000 per year (annual base salary ~$42,000 + TRI supplemental ~$14,000), per the 2015-18 collective bargaining agreement between SEA and SPS.
What if I am a current paraprofessional working in Seattle Public Schools?
Current classified staff in SPS do not receive a living stipend.  Instead, they remain employees of SPS earning their salary and benefits while receiving tuition support from the school district through the Classified to Certificated program.  More information on the “Class to Cert” programs, including STR, can be found here: https://www.seattleschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=627&pageId=16405395