The Seattle Teacher Residency (STR) prepares candidates to become Seattle Public Schools (SPS) teachers through a curriculum that combines a full-year residency embedded in a Mentor Teacher’s classroom with graduate-level coursework through the University of Washington.

STR supports teachers’ development of core practices through a common learning cycle, purposefully designed by teacher educators at the University of Washington to require teachers to examine, decompose, enact, and reflect on their own (and others’) instructional practice. Throughout the year, we engage in a number of learning cycles of practice through “exemplar” video analysis, lesson planning, enactment, analysis of candidates’ video(s), and analysis of K-12 student work. This learning cycle supports us in developing teacher candidates’ enactment of the core practices of ambitious teaching by couching their practice within authentic and meaningful instructional activities where they engage in intellectually rigorous content with K-12 students.


Sample Academic Coursework Strands


Teaching and Learning in Literacy
Teaching and Learning in Numeracy
Schools and Society/Working in Schools
Classroom Management
Child Development
Differentiated Instruction: Learning Environments and CLD
Foundations in Special Education
Assessment in Elementary Education
Teaching & Learning in Science
Social Studies Education: Elementary School Programs and Practices
Multicultural Education
Field Experience

Approaches to Assessing 2nd Language Students in K-12 Schools
Multicultural Socialization and Development
Methods in Teaching English as a 2nd Language

Managing Student Behavior: Positive Behavior Intervention Support
Evidence Based Practice in Special Education Curriculum: Developing and Progress Monitoring