STR: The Residency Year

The Seattle Teacher Residency (STR) residency program is 5 quarters long at the University of Washington (UW): Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. The program begins in June and runs through August of the following year. Graduates of the program commit to teaching in a Title I school in Seattle Public Schools (SPS) for 5 years following their residency year.

During the academic school year, residents can expect to be in their field placements Monday through Thursday. One evening per week (Tuesday), one day per week (Friday), and one Saturday per month, residents will take STR coursework. Residents register through UW each quarter to receive graduate credit for STR courses.

Here is an overview of the coursework and fieldwork that residents experience through the program:

Summer: A significant portion of the intial summer quarter takes place in the context of an elementary summer school, working with groups of elementary students. Residents take coursework in methods of teaching literacy, mathematics, and the arts as well as foundational coursework for working with English language learners and students with disabilities. Candidates will learn about the social and political foundations of school and schooling, and begin to engage in our Community, Families, and Politics strand. Special Education (SPED) Pathway candidates will take an additional course each quarter throughout the program.

Autumn: Residents spend the rest of the academic school year immersed in one of STR’s partner schools, an SPS public school with high levels of socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial diversity. Alongside a mentor teacher, residents begin building relationships with students and families in the school community starting from the first day of school.

Winter: During winter quarter, residents continue daily in their residency placement with their mentor teacher. Residents will take on their second week of lead teaching of the program during this quarter, in addition to participating in Studio Days professional development.

Spring: The residency placements continue throughout the Spring quarter through the end of the SPS school year. Residents will complete the edTPA, a national performance assessment required for program completion. Residents who have successfully completed all evaluations and coursework will be recommended for priority hiring from SPS and interview for teaching positions during this quarter.

Summer: The second summer quarter includes coursework related to residents’ choice of second endorsement in either ELL or SPED. General Education Residents will complete a Fall Practicum during their first year of teaching to finish their second endorsement. SPED Pathway Residents do not need to complete a Fall Practicum.