Why Teachers Matter

Income, language, and race too often predict academic achievement in Seattle. Schools can and must be an important means to change this inequity and improve educational outcomes for students. The Seattle Teacher Residency deepens this commitment by recruiting, preparing, and supporting teachers equipped to make sure that each student excels and feels connected to the school community, regardless of circumstance.

The Seattle Teacher Residency follows the model of urban teacher residency programs in cities such as Boston, Chicago, and Denver. Residency programs successfully apply the medical residency model to teacher preparation. By blending classroom apprenticeship with aligned graduate-level course work and an intensive resident/mentor partnership, residencies aim to accelerate student achievement through the training, support and retention of excellent teachers.



The mission of the Seattle Teacher Residency is to accelerate student achievement through the preparation, support, and retention of exceptional teachers who reflect the rich diversity in Seattle Public Schools.


Impact Goals

Based on our mission, the partners have identified five impact goals for the program:


Impact Goal #1 – Student Achievement

To materially and positively impact student achievement, with a particular focus on student populations in high-need schools.

Measured by student achievement data.


Impact Goal #2 – Equity-focused Teacher Development

To develop and support Resident and Mentor teachers who demonstrate a commitment to excellence, professional growth, inquiry, reflective practice and culturally responsive teaching.

Measured by student growth, retention, school classroom climate and new teacher evaluation data. 


Impact Goal #3 – Recruitment

To address district hiring needs and select the most well-qualified candidates whose experience prepares them to work in an urban educational environment with a diverse population of students.

Measured by district hiring and attrition data, Resident retention data.


Impact Goal #4 – Curricula and Pedagogy

To jointly develop and share curricula and pedagogies for mentoring and clinical practice across partners and across university programs.

Measured by alignment of Residency coursework with district curricula, programs, and practices.


Impact Goal #5 – Human Capital

To contribute to SPS’ comprehensive human capital strategy and to be an anchor element of that strategy.

Measured by increase in SPS’ preparation, use and dissemination of accessible reports on student achievement, teacher performance, hiring trends and other relevant data.